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Priorités d'une philosophie d'entreprise :

L'un des objectifs prioritaires de la société AGRU concernant les conditions de travail et les conditions cadres optimisées est appliqué quotidiennement avec tout le monde. C'est une condition nécessaire à une activité intense et autonome afin d'atteindre les objectifs exigeants.

Nous accordons une grande importance à la formation des nouveaux employés et à la formation complémentaire technique et personnelle. Chez AGRU, la dimension sociale sous la forme de prestations supplémentaires et de modèles de travail personnels est appliquée systématiquement.

L'un des mots d'ordre généraux de l'entreprise : « Seul, on peut réaliser beaucoup de choses, ensemble, on peut tout réussir » est remis continuellement au centre de l'attention dans le cadre de séminaires périodiques.

Mr. Thomas Narbeshuber

Thomas Narbeshuber

“AGRU's benefits are: A good chance for a career in a permanent growing family owned company, support of our employees by further educations, interesting tasks in a high technical working environment, modern infrastructure, a comfortable/pleasant working atmosphere, safe working place in an traditional family owned company, attractive employer of the region.“

Mr. Rudolf Hummel

Rudolf Hummel

“I am an employee at AGRU for already 6 years and I am very happy about my employer. One of these reasons is the good teamwork between our departments as well as the colleagueship in my department (Application Department).”


Owner-operated family business

Direct contact with the owner, flat organization, quick action and fast decision-making.

Initial and continuing education

Everyone develops further! That is why we have defined budgets for each team that they can invest in training, training or development programs.

Employee bonuses

Depending on the function and position, bonuses are paid out to our employees, depending on the financial success of the company.

Company car

Depending on the position in the company, we provide a company car.

Company mobile phone

Depending on the position and the function, we provide a company mobile phone.

icon air condition

Air-conditioned offices

All office and meeting rooms are equipped with permanently installed air-conditioning units.

Fitness offer

We provide grants for a local fitness center.

Employee Events

AGRU regularly organizes various events. Employee festivals, Christmas parties, skiing days and company trips increase internal communication and promote team spirit.

Company doctor

For questions regarding health and occupational medicine, a inhose doctor is available.

Good transport connection

The AGRU bus stop in Bad Hall is directly in front of the company.

Company car park

Parking facilities are available for our employees in front of our company building.


A large selection of snacks is available in vending machines throughout the company premises.


"An apple a day keeps the doctor away", our employees can get a daily dose of vitamins.

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