Evaporator for acid recovery

Sheets from PVDF and FEP

In many industrial applications (e.g. in metal pickling) acid solutions are being used. Thereby occurring impurities can decrease the effectiveness of the process. To purify the solutions they are directed to a recovery system, in which evaporator units are used.

Acid recovery AGRU sheets PVDF, FEP

Project Date: 2017
Material: PVDF for vortex breaker FEP GGS sheets for inner lining
Medium: Sulfuric acid (H₂SO₄), 35 %
Pressure: full vacuum
Temperature: 120 °C
Dimensions: Ø 2500 mm, height: 6500 mm

The Finnish company PRP Plastic OY manufactures industrial equipment like FRP evaporators lined with thermoplastic sheets from AGRU. In this case three evaporator vessels have been shipped since the beginning of 2017. The occurring media and temperature call for highest material quality.

Evaporator outlet with vortex breaker
--Evaporator outlet with vortex breaker
Inside View from Inlet Flange
--Inside View from Inlet Flange

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