A new dimension of cleanness

AGRU opens new cleanroom facility and invests in ultra-clean system production.

AGRU officially opened its state-of-the-art cleanroom facility for manufacturing PURAD, the piping system for ultra-pure media and welcomed international guests at the ribbon cutting ceremony on June 9, 2016.

To cover the worldwide growing demand for piping systems for high-purity applications, AGRU invested EUR 15 million in a signature production facility in Bad Hall, Austria. Plant 5, the new facility, is used exclusively for the manufacture of PURAD PVDF UHP piping components for high-purity applications of customers from all over the world.

The most common application of PURAD products is transporting ultra-pure water in the computer chip industry. The PURAD production plant is ISO class 5-compliant. This means that the facility meets hygiene requirements higher than those for hospital ORs. Under these super-clean conditions, AGRU makes sure that its customers receive products of uncompromising precision, cleanness and durability.

At the opening day AGRU welcomed clients from over 35 countries. The host Silvia Schneider led through the program of presentations and movies, which illustrated the production flow from raw material to end-customer. Subsequently, Mr. Gruber opened the new plant officially by cutting the ribbon. Guided tours enabled the guests to inspect the AGRU production in Bad Hall with special focus on the new cleanroom plant. Afterwards the guests and AGRU employees enjoyed the huge “plant 5 opening cake” and were entertained by the saxophone band “Hot Sax Club”. 

Read the full article about AGRU's new ultra-clean system production.

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