AGRU invests in sustainable manufacturing

Along the National road B 122 shortly before Bad Hall in Austria, something has been in upheaval for several months. Earthworks have changed the terrain, and large machines can be seen driving up every day. This is where Plant 6 is being built - AGRU's latest investment project. The plant planned by X ARCHITEKTEN is scheduled to go into operation at the beginning of 2023.

The company AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH expands sustainably. The new plant 6 combines the expertises of mechanical production and welding department under one roof, which is equipped with 900 kWp photovoltaic elements. 900,000 kWh of green electricity is to be generated annually and used at the plant. By concentrating the various manufacturing expertises in one plant, internal delivery routes are reduced to a minimum. As is customary at AGRU, only piping systems manufactured in-house will be installed, because only the highest quality guarantees many years of operational reliability and maintenance freedom. However, the new Plant 6 not only increases the production capacity and uses sustainable solar power for this purpose. Capacities freed up by the new building can be used to cushion peaks in demand. This will make production at the Bad Hall site more sustainable, more efficient and more effective.

Pioneering architecture with "floating" facade

The building architecture blends harmoniously into the gently rolling terrain of the Bad Hall foothills. The hall building with a classic shed roof is to be given a "floating" appearance.  The silver-grey anodized facade extends above it. In combination with the asphalt surfaces all around, the asphalt and fair-faced concrete will blend, while the anodized surfaces will stand out and give a floating impression to the facade. In addition, energy-efficient ventilation and state-of-the-art heating technology will be used in the air conditioning of the large industrial halls. Storm water will also be filtered, temporarily stored and discharged via a receiving watercourse. Employees have also been taken into consideration - a specially cooled and covered curling rink will provide fun and variety for the workforce in winter.

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