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Alois Gruber jun. and his father Mag. Alois Gruber, has been Managing Director of our company AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH since 2015. Additionally he also hires employees personally - from apprentice to department head. We asked him a few questions about teaching at AGRU.

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Hello Mr. Gruber, in which professions do you train young learners at AGRU?

As a plastics manufacturer, we now have 70 years of experience and love to pass on our concentrated knowledge in this field to our apprentices. The professions in which we train young people cover the entire value chain. On the one hand there are those jobs that are in direct contact with the material. These are plastic injection molding technicians and plastics engineers. While plastic injection molding technicians are primarily concerned with the processing of our engineering plastics on injection molding or extrusion lines, plastics engineers have a versatile approach to applications, different customer needs, markets and competitors in focus.

To process the raw material, our machines require special tools that are made of metal. To design and maintain these tools you need a lot of know-how. We have this knowledge and train people to become metal technicians in the module toolmaking technology & module machining technology. After all, our products must also be sold and delivered to our worldwide customers, as well as having material and machinery for production constantly being obtained. We therefore need highly efficient and well-trained staff in the office and in logistics. The training for this is called operation logistics operator and office clerk.

Alois Gruber jun.
Alois Gruber jun.

Wow, that sounds very exciting. How would you describe the personality of an apprentice so that he or she fits best to AGRU?

Vital for a job application must be the genuine interest in learning the profession. Only then will one approach the training with the appropriate sincerity. You should also bring along a bit of self-reliance to take things into your own hands and put them into practice. Also important is the ability to fit into a team. At AGRU are working Long-time employees, temporary workers -  that  cover the peaks - and apprentices hand in hand. In such a group, everyone has to find their role that allows them to use their strengths to the best of their ability. After all, a quick grasp is inevitable as our tools, machines and processes are complex.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, Mr. Gruber. What else can your apprentices expect from AGRU apart from their excellent training?

Here at AGRU, many apprentices accept the offer to graduate their vocational training with a Matura (Austrian higher school certificate). So in the future, all doors are open to them. For this dual vocational training we cooperate with the KTLA. In addition, every apprentice should know that the effort and performance at AGRU pays off. We do not just offer a takeover guarantee after completing your vocational training. In addition, we reward achievements and, of course, consider such people later in the allocation of key positions in the company. Some of our best leaders started with us as apprentices. We value people who have come to know the company from the ground up and offer them great development opportunities. So that the social aspect is not neglected, we regularly organize events such as employee days and skiing days. This is how all departments get to know each other.

The development opportunities for apprentices in your company are impressive. What else would you like to tell us about AGRU?

Apart from the first-class training in our state-of-the-art apprentice workshop, which we have set up in a completely new building, we also offer a modern working environment. AGRU was one of the first in Austria to introduce the computer more than 40 years ago. Even today we are an innovation leader and work with the most modern production technology constantly in touch with the latest trends.

AGRU Tool making technology
Tool making technology is also offered as a job profile at AGRU.

We invest corporate profits in our plants. Both at the Bad Hall location and also in the US and in China, meaning we have expanded in recent years. AGRU opened one of the most modern clean-room plants in Europe in 2016 in Bad Hall. In the United States, a brand new location near the ocean was created to enable the manufacture and shipping of the world's largest fully pressure resistant HDPE piping systems. Our skilled workers therefore always have the opportunity to look for a new challenge in our subsidiaries. Young people who want to gain experience abroad are in good hands at AGRU.

Thank you, Mr. Gruber, for this interesting insight into your company!

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