Plastic garbage barrier in the Pacific


“Hello my name is Marcel, I am an apprentice at AGRU. Today I am allowed to work on a special project. Did you know that in our oceans there actually swim more plastic parts than fish?“
Marcel Tretter | Apprenticeship, Plastic injection moulding technician

Marcel Tretter AGRU apprenticeship
agru apprentice trainer
One of our apprentice trainers checks my work and immediately gives me feedback on what I can improve.


Due to certain ocean currents, this plastic waste is concentrated in five different areas, the so-called "garbage patches" in the oceans. In total, several million square kilometers are covered with plastic waste. A Dutch inventor, Boyan Slat, has set himself the goal of solving this garbage problem. His company, "The Ocean Cleanup" wants to build huge, floating barriers in the garbage patches. Along these barriers, which extend a few meters under water and drift with the plastic waste, the plastic parts should concentrate. Then special ships can easily retrieve plastic waste from the water.

We from AGRU supply large polyethylene pipes, which form together with a submerged "sail" a floating garbage barrier. This year in May, they will be installed in the Pacific garbage patch. My job is to construct the welds of the component, on which the "sails" hanging below the water line will be installed later. A super interesting and one of the many responsibilities for me at AGRU - if you want to read more about this exciting project, visit

Agru xxl pipes for the ocean cleanup
The first AGRU XXL pipes which were prepared for "The Ocean Cleanup", have already been loaded.
AGRU apprenticeship HDPE pipes for the ocean cleanup
Marcel works with highest precision on the HDPE pipe for "The Ocean Cleanup".
Ocean Cleanup System 001
The Ocean Cleanup System 001 on the way to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Photocredit: The Ocean Cleanup


Here you will find more information about our apprenticeship training.

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