Product highlights at K 2016

AGRU is represented at K 2016 from Oktober 19-26, 2016 in Germany with a 66 square meter trade fair stand.

The Austrian family business is considered as a global full-service provider for high-quality piping systems, semi-finished products, concrete protection liners and lining systems made from engineering plastics. The plastics expert AGRU exhibits its wide product range together with the partner company FRANK GmbH at booth number 5C02 in hall 5. The following six product groups are the main product highlights of AGRU at K 2016.

Semi-finished products for extreme applications

New semi-finished thermoplastic products made by AGRU from fluoropolymers show excellent resistance against all kinds of chemicals. Their outstanding properties compared to classical polyolefines open up an extreme broad range of applications. The increased life-time and extended maintenance intervals lead to reduced life cycle costs. Developed for extreme temperatures, in particular PFA allows solutions in the temperature range from -200 °C to +260 °C. Last not least, AGRU’s fluoropolymers are Ideal for High-Purity applications.

Fittings made of PE 100-RC

AGRU celebrates 50 years of fitting production and uprates its entire PE fitting range to the polymer PE 100-RC. This crack-resistant polyethylene is the best-quality raw material currently available on the market. With this material, resistance to induced stress corrosion cracking and concentrated loading is higher than that of conventional PE 100 by a factor of 2.5. For the first time, customers can order lengths of pipe and fittings, the complete piping system in other words, made from this highest-grade PE raw material. The option of dispensing with a sand bed saves time and money when the piping is being laid. And outstanding operational dependability and resistance to seismic events over the subsequent decades of operation are realistic expectations.

Abrasion resistant piping systems

MINELINE is currently the most advanced stage of development in the evolution of piping systems for the mining and extraction industries. Whereas other pipe materials suffer from severe erosion and corrosion, AGRU MINELINE scores with far better durability than all other options.

MINELINE is an entire piping system designed and tested specifically for the transport of abrasive media. The innovative multi-layer make-up consists of an abrasion-resistant innermost liner, a black core material, made of PE 100-RC and the outermost protective white layer which reflects the sunlight. The longer operational capability due to the abrasion resistant inner layer inside pipes and fittings, the minimal thermal expansion because of the white pipe surface and the greater wall thickness due to the multi-layer design make it a perfect system for abrasive mining operations.

More reliable double containment piping system

Poly-Flo double containment pipes are extruded seamless in one step for double operational safety. They are safe and easy to install. The time saving simultaneous welding operations of the lightweight system parts, its compact, space saving design and the leak detection allow universal applicability of this piping system. It is perfectly suited for any industry, where high leakproof reliability is required.

Cooled media perfectly conserved

The AGRU COOLSAFE product line is a double containment pipe and fitting system made out of high-grade PE 100, in which the space between the inner and outer pipe is filled with high grade insulating foam. This makes the COOLSAFE system perfect for chilled media transport applications. The excellent thermal insulation minimizes energy loss and leads to insulation values < 0.026 W/mK. Since the insulation foam is protected by the outside pipe, it is designed to last for at least 25 years. The fast & easy installation via one step welding by simultaneously butt fusion or electrofusion and the system’s state of the art technology with injection moulded fittings make it perfect for industrial cooled media transport.

Longer service life for concrete buildings

AGRU’s concrete protection liners made of chemically stable plastics firmly seal the surfaces of concrete buildings and structures, preventing them from corrosion. The wide range of available materials (PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE) allows solutions for every requirement, from wastewater treatment up to potable water tanks. Concrete protective liners from AGRU are simple to assemble and easy to weld. Their high quality makes for a long service life and high operational reliability.

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