Ventilation saddles for main drinking water supply in Wels

AGRU spigot saddle system Topload ensures continuous installation and deaeration of the drinking water supply for Wels through electro fusion welding.

High Quality of AGRU Sureline

Location: Austria
Year of installation:
Product: AGRU Sureline III (PE 100-RC) pipe with protective layer
Dimension: 560 SDR 17 (90/110/125mm)
Medium: Drinking water
Temperature: 15 °C

In the summer of 2016 the construction of the new main supply pipeline for drinking water in Wels began. To connect a new drinking water reservoir, the pipeline had to cross the motorway by the efficient and cost-saving horizontal directional drilling technology. AGRU Sureline III pipes with protective layer and the matching fittings made of high-quality PE 100-RC were the ideal solution for these high requirements. You can read the detailed report here.
--> klick here for the reference report

The second section is currently being installed.

Developed for extreme applications: AGRU Sureline® pipe with protective layer

First, the new main water supply pipeline was layed from the elevated drinking water reservoir to Wels and into its environment. AGRU Sureline III Pipes with a protective layer are used again because end customers as well as the installation company were equally satisfied with the material supplied by AGRU.

Welding area will be repaired.
After cleaning the welding area is marked.
Electro fusion welding

After welding and laying these components, the construction site team explored the highest points of the pipeline. At this point the ventilation valves will be installed because air in the pipeline system slows down the transport of media and thus causes unnecessary energy costs. Furthermore, damage to household appliances (for example, washing machines) can also occur. The outlets required for the vents are created by means of AGRU spigot saddle system Topload with electro fusion welding.

The protective layer is stripped, peeled and cleaned in the desired area. The Topload saddles are then mounted and welded to the pipe using the specially designed clamping system.

Faultless assembly must be ensured.

Drilling a hole in the pipe is the last step of the installation.

"The Plastics Experts." from AGRU not only supplied the high-quality components. They also carried out site visits and test welding. In addition, training was held for the installation personnel on site in order to ensure smooth and trouble-free assembly.

The fitters of the construction company now install three different sizes. Topload saddles with outlets in the dimensions 90, 110 and 125 mm are connected uniformly to the 560 mm Sureline pipe by means of electro fusion welding.

The use of the AGRU pipes and fittings creates a homogenous, maintenance-free and long-lasting system, which more than meets the high drinking water quality in Austria!

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