Project: Landfill Grauer Wall, Bremerhaven

HDPE geomembranes from AGRU for a multifunctional sealing

The landfill Grauer Wall is located in the urban area of Bremerhaven in Northern Germany. At the landfill site in Speckbüttel, mainly materials of landfill class 0 are stored. The (BEG) landfill site, which was acquired by the city of Bremerhaven in 1985 and today operated by the Bremerhaven waste management company with a total area of around 340,000 m2, has a residual capacity of approx. 1.5 million m3.

Project date: Spring 2018 - Fall 2018
Location: Bremerhaven, Germany
Products: 15,000 m2 AGRU MSB + / MST High Grip, BAM approved

Project: Landfill Grauer Wall, Bremerhaven
Base sealing of the new section.

The plan approval decision from the year 2012 provided as substantial change the establishment of the landfill section 3 (DA 3) on the previous plateau of the old landfill body. The landfill section to be set up lies above the existing landfill section DA 1 and is initially to be produced in a subarea (construction section BA 1).

The aforementioned landfill section DA 3, BA 1 at the Grauer Wall landfill is to receive a surface seal of the old landfill and base sealing of the new section on an area of approx. 15,000 m2.

The planning office Umtec Partnership Consulting Engineers and Geologists was responsible for planning the construction project. The earthworks were the responsibility of the company Eggers Umwelttechnik GmbH. The competence for the installation of the AGRU geomembranes was at the company G quadrat Geokunststoffgesellschaft mbH in cooperation with UTG (Umwelttechnik Geokunststoffe GmbH).

The main task was to produce the multi-functional sealing (Multi-Funktionale-Abdichtung  MFA) for the new landfill section DA 3. The preliminary work involved profiling and manufacturing the roof profile on the existing waste body, as well as exposing the connection areas to the existing MFA.

2.5 mm profiled HDPE geomembrane made by AGRU with BAM approval

The structure of the subsequently applied MFA looks from bottom to top as follows:

  • 30 cm thick support and leveling layer
  • 2.5 mm profiled HDPE geomembrane made by AGRU with BAM approval (AGRU 2.5mm MSB + / MST HighGrip BAM)

Over it a protective layer:

  • Protective fleece 1200g with BAM approval
  • 15 cm mineral protection layer
  • 30 cm mineral drainage layer of gravel
  • PP filter fleece 300g with BAM approval

Final covering of the fleece with a 20 cm thick cover layer.

Grauer Wall
Grauer Wall

The sealing work with the approximately one meter thick MFA and the easy connection to the existing old areas was successfully completed in July 2018. To improve the drainage situation, a drainage system consisting of HDPE pipes and HDPE leachate shafts was also installed.

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