Innovative geomembrane for hot water tanks

1 million consumers will benefit from a smart energy solution in the Greater Copenhagen area. 95% of all heat is produced in combined heat and power plants using waste and biomass. The 180 km district heating network provide heat to 21 municipalities. In the two largest municipalities, Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, 99% of all buildings are supplied with district heating. A steam system currently still covers 20% of the energy demand. To further improve efficiency and to become even more independent of fossil fuels, this steam system will be replaced by hot water district heating by 2022.

fleece installation for pp-htr geomembrane
grey PP-HTR geomembrane
Geotextile is followed by plastic - the new, grey PP-HTR geomembrane is professionally installed by the company G quadrat and PBJ Miljo.

In the course of this, it is necessary to install a hot water storage tank, which is lined with a new type of high-temperature resistant geomembrane made of PP-HTR. In the run-up to this project, AGRU Kunststofftechnik had gained insights into the long-term behaviour of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) at elevated temperatures, together with the Johannes Kepler University of Linz. Subsequently, various material and stabiliser combinations were evaluated in order to develop novel material compounds with increased long-term temperature resistance and to make scientifically based life-time assessments. The research results had already enabled the development and market launch of high-temperature resistant geomembranes made of polyethylene (PE-HTR) in 2012. "By transferring the findings to polypropylene (PP-HTR), it was possible to further improve the long-term temperature resistance," explains project manager David Nitsche. This new type of geomembrane made of the material PP is temperature resistant up to 100 °C.

PP-HRT large hot water tank
The large hot water tank contains as much water as 28 Olympic pools.

The 70,000 m³ hot water tank now lined with this PP-HTR liner contains the same volume of water as 28 Olympic pools. The installation of the 15,000 m² PP-HTR geomembrane in 2 mm thickness is carried out by the company G quadrat, the German sales partner of AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH for geomembranes in cooperation with the company PGJ Miljo from Denmark. For this purpose, an 800 g/m2 protective geotextile was installed as a base over a leak detection system. The geomembrane was installed afterwards. Using hot wedge welding at a temperature of up to 500 °C and a joining pressure of 1000 N, the individual membranes are permanently and tightly welded with a double seam. Finally, each weld seam was tested for leaks using compressed air.

grey PP-HTR geomembrane on fleece
Overview of the hot water tank lined with PP-HTR geomembranes.

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