PVDF tanks for ultra high purity water - used in the field of covid research

The company AQUATERA (located in Vilnius) is specialized in the fields of industrial plants, plastic pipelines (including technical insulation), drainage pipelines, water supply, wastewater treatment and the needed technical equipment for these applications. At the beginning of this year the company has realized a very actual project in the pharmaceutical industry.

Figure 1: PVDF storage tank for UHP water
Figure 1: PVDF storage tank for UHP water

Project Date: January 2021
Design/manufacturer: Company AQUATERA
Material: Semi-finished products in PVDF natural
Medium: Ultra High Purity water
Pressure: Atmospheric
Temperature: Ambient
Dimension: 1240/2320 mm (diameter/height)
Field of application: Pharmaceutical industry (in the Baltic States)

About the project

The storage tanks were constructed by using AGRU’s extruded PVDF sheets, welding rod and small diameter PVDF pipes and fittings.
Static dimensioning and manufacturing of the tanks according to the DVS guidelines 2203-2207 were done by the company AQUATERA.
The tanks were built with a special spherical top and bottom design. All welding seams are ultra-smooth ones (in special for UHPW applications).

Technical specification  

Bottom and top: AGRU PVDF sheets with a thickness of 8mm,
Cylinder: AGRU PVDF sheets with a thickness of 6mm
Volume of the tank: 2.0 m3

Figure 2: Tank/design for the tank
Figure 2: Tank/design for the tank

Advantages of AGRU’s semi-finished products in PVDF for this application

  • Semi-finished products in PVDF are produced out of highest grade raw materials, which are very pure
  • PVDF resins for such products of AGRU are very clean polymers and unlike many other plastics, they do not re-quire the use of stabilizers, plasticizers, lubricants or flame-retardant additives (thanks to the chemical inertness of the PVDF polymer chains)
  • AGRU Austria has the know how in processing such raw materials to end products, which also meet the re-quirements on highest purity
  • PVDF sheets in natural colour are excellent  products  for the storage  of ultra-pure water and other chemically pure fluids used in the semi-conductor-and pharmaceutical industry

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