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02/03 PE 100 Ball Valve

The patented PE 100 ball valves of AGRU are a unique and innovative product solution for natural gas-, potable water and sewage applications.

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Piping Systems

Here you will find everything about gas and water supply, sewage water disposal and desalination. Furthermore, the materials PE, PP, PVDF are used in every industrial application, as well as in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industry.


Cover Piping Systems for Gas- and Water supply

Concrete protection

Specially designed sheets made of PE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE of AGRU offer long-term protection and are manifold in their applications: from building construction or bridge construction over water storage, landfill construction and much more.


Cover AGRUSAFE Concrete Protection

Semi-finished products
Tank & apparatus engineering

Sheets, bars and welding rod made of PE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE are successfully used in the chemical industry, heavy industry and plant construction for years. They find particular application in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.


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Lining Systems
Roof, landfill, tunnels or pond

Do you need plastic sheets for roof, landfill, swimming pool or tunnel? Our liners provide the right solution for generations. The materials of HDPE, VLDPE, FPP and FPO ensure multifarious applications.

Lining Systems

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