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Laying of a Geomembrane

At AGRU we have been producing plastic liners by means of flat film extrusion with a downstream calender to the highest quality standards for more than 30 years. Our Lining Systems product group offers a comprehensive range of plastic sealing sheeting made of PEHD, FPP and FPO. The versatility and quality of the materials we use means that we can tailor solutions to meet customer needs in cooperation with the customer.

The use of quality materials in combination with state-of-the-art production equipment helps us to achieve premium product quality. External audits by recognised test bodies at regular intervals demonstrate our compliance with required standards. This is documented in the form of several approvals. In addition to our head office in Bad Hall (Austria) we also manufacture liners at our plants in Georgetown (South Carolina, USA) and Reno (Nevada, USA).

At AGRU we have taken the concept of ecological thinking one step further to make our production a little bit "greener". In 2011, our entire liner production was relocated to a separate building where we implement a number of measures for sustainable production. Besides a heat recovery system, geothermal probes, a photovoltaic system and wood chip heating contribute towards environmental production of our liners.

In our production of premium quality liners, drain pipes and accessories, AGRU makes a decisive contribution to groundwater production and ensures a safe water supply. On top of this, AGRU's AGRUFLEX tunnel liners ensure our daily mobility, while AUSTROPLAN roof liners keep homes dry, and AGRUFLEX pond liners and RELAX pool liners guarantee bathing fun.

Read more about our specific products:

PEHD/LLDPE liners:

Liners made of PEHD and LLDPE are characterised by great resilience and toughness. The main applications are in mining, landfills, water reservoirs, wastewater reservoirs and secondary sealing. AGRU liners are also used in exposed places, such as water reservoirs for snowing systems.

The specific sealing requirements in terms of best-in-class flexibility with optimum strength and elongation behaviour accompanied by excellent chemical resilience are state-of-the-art at AGRU. Additionally, a long service life is a fundamental requirement for liners being able to do their job in the long term. These excellent properties have helped PEHD and LLDPE liners by AGRU to establish themselves in a variety of applications for many years.


AGRUFLEX is AGRU's brand for highly-flexible liners made of FPP and VLDPE raw materials. These materials are polymers which, in contrast to PVC, do not contain plasticisers that diffuse over the course of time. This means that properties such as flexibility and high tear resistance are not impacted over the entire service life. Our AGRUFLEX plastic liners ensure an ecologically and economically meaningful implementation of your project.

FPP liners have a lower heat expansion coefficient than PE-based materials; they are more resilient against puncturing and more resilient against stress cracking. Due to these properties, these liners are perfectly suited for sealing pools and swimming ponds. FPP liners are offered in widths of 5 m. They are also additionally available in 2 m widths with a glass fibre fabric. This prevents heat expansion to a great extent, thus avoiding temperature related folds.

VLDPE plastic liners for sealing pools and swimming ponds can be produced in widths of up to 5 m. They are characterised by their excellent flexibility.

AGRUFLEX VLDPE tunnel liners:

VLDPE is used globally for lining tunnels today. This prevents groundwater entering the tunnel. Besides the loads that occur including rock settling and shifting, aggressive rock water must always be anticipated. Tunnel liners are thus exposed to high mechanical and chemical stress, and specially designed by AGRU for the use in tunnels. Because VLDPE does not contain diffusing plasticisers, the liner's optimum properties of flexibility and high tear resistance do not change throughout the liner's entire service life.

All tunnel liners are made with a thin white signal layer which is affixed in a coextrusion process. This indicates damage during installation, because the black carrier layer is revealed. And the white signal layer improves safety substantially in the tunnel by reflecting existing light and thus improving the illumination in the tunnel.

AGRU's state-of-the-art production equipment is capable of extruding VLDPE tunnel liners in up to 4 m widths. They can be fleece backed for special applications. It is also possible to equip tunnel liners with electrically conductive layers for leak monitoring.


Our innovative AUSTROPLAN roof liners are specially developed for sealing flat roofs. This is a multiple-layer plastic liner with additional UV stabiliser and flame protection. When selecting the materials, we rely on special thermoplastic polyolefines with elastomer characteristics (FPO/TPO). AUSTROPLAN is thus entirely free of plasticisers and keeps its favourable properties for a long time.

Depending on the flat roof type, we offer liners with internal glass fibre fabric (FG) or combination fabric (FVK). AUSTROPLAN is available in various thicknesses from 1.2 mm to 2.5 mm and can be used for any kind of flat roof:

  • Mechanically fastened
  • Gravelled
  • Green roofs
  • Roofs with use layers (e.g., patios)
  • Adhesion bonded over the full surface
  • Renovation

AUSTROPLAN is joined using hot-air welding equipment to provide a homogeneous joint. For best processing conditions, the temperature should be > 5 °C. The homogeneous liner edge is the main benefit in hot gas welding. Seals implemented with AUSTROPLAN FPO roof liners meet all requirements for permanently watertight flat roofs and building seals.




The RELAX pool liner is a highly-flexible, premium quality and robust plastic liner for pools on PE basis. The first plasticiser-free plastic liners on the market are characterised in particular by their longevity and toughness.

The visually appealing material is available in the colours light blue, azure, and white. RELAX is non-hazardous to health, environmentally friendly and does not impact the water quality.

Drainage systems:

As a system supplier, AGRU not only offers plastic liners, but also drain pipes and drain liners.

Drain pipes are extruded from PE and PP on AGRU's state-of-the-art production equipment. Drain pipes can be perforated or slotted directly during the extrusion process; the inlet size and/or pattern are tailored to meet the project-specific requirements in each case. In addition to our drain pipes we offer a comprehensive system of PE pipes and fittings.

AGRU's drain liners are part of the AGRUDRAIN product group. They comprise a three-dimensional, extruded, wave-shaped polypropylene drain core. The core can be backed with fleece on one or both sides.


Pollution due to emissions of contaminants from legacy waste and insufficiently sealed landfills often lead to irreparable impact on the soil and groundwater. Vertical barriers can be deployed to effectively contain landfills and legacy waste. This allows for controlled dissipation and treatment of gases and contaminated water, thus preventing more contaminants being emitted.

AGRULOCK is a special product for setting up vertical barriers. The system comprises PEHD liners which are welded using AGRU's specially developed profiles. These prefabricated liner sections are then lowered into pits filled with a bentonite suspension. AGRULOCK profiles are used to connect the individual sections, thus creating a vertical barrier around the legacy waste.

The AGRULOCK system has been successfully deployed in a number of projects, thus effectively demonstrating its reliability and practical capability in legacy waste containment projects.

Welding rods:

Depending on the product and laying technique, plastic liners are permanently joined and sealed using a variety of welding methods. Besides hot wedge welding and hot air welding, extrusion welding is used in particular.

AGRU offers welding rods specially designed and tested for each product. This enables reliable extrusion welds.

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