Apprenticeship plus HTL A-Level equivalent

Your benefits at AGRU

Can't decide whether you want to do A-levels or an apprenticeship? No need to! Because AGRU gives you the opportunity to combine the two. Together with the Kirchdorf Technology and Information Centre, we offer apprenticeships plus an A-level equivalent. You will find more information on the Kremstaler Technische Lehrakademie (KTLA) website:

  • You acquire professional skills while preparing for your school-leaving certificate
  • An apprenticeship plus an A-level equivalent will give your career a boost



KTLA apprenticeship, head of department at AGRU Kunststofftechnik

“During the apprenticeship, you get to know the company from the ground up. The mix of school and work prepares you ideally for the professional world. I now manage a team of more than 40 employees, keeping production running smoothly. For new projects, I collaborate closely with Research and Development, Toolmaking and Automation.”


KTLA apprenticeship, head of production at AGRU Kunststofftechnik

“I started my apprenticeship at AGRU as a production technician, which allowed me to get to know the entire company with all its key competencies. Thanks to further training opportunities, such as KTLA, and support from the company and the apprentice trainers, I was able to complete my A-level equivalents at the same time as my apprenticeship. As a production manager in fluoropolymer injection moulding, I face different challenges every day, and that's what makes this job so exciting.”