One of Upper Austria's most modern training workshops

In addition to its exciting architecture, the modern building scores with its inner values. While the heavy production machinery is located on the ground floor, the 860 m2 upper floor is reserved for the AGRU training workshop. Our apprentices spend most of their first year in this protected area. In the second year, each apprentice rotates through the departments and decides which production area they would like to work in.

Future-oriented machinery

Understanding and mastering manufacturing technologies such as extrusion, injection molding and machining is one of the key training objectives at AGRU. You will learn these skills alongside your peers in the specially built and fully equipped training workshop:

  • 7 injection molding machines
  • 2 lathe machines
  • 2 3-axis milling machines
  • 1 5-axis milling machine
  • Ergonomic workbenches
  • CAD and pneumatics computer stations

Learning and well-being

The light-filled architecture provides plenty of natural daylight for comfort and concentration. Here, our young talents can relax during breaks, unleash their creativity, and be well prepared for the future as part of their vocational training. Our certified apprentice trainers, Michael Binder and Christoph Mayr, are always on hand to impart their extensive knowledge in an interesting and informative manner.