AGRU Plant 6 sets new standards in plastics technology

AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH has opened its sixth plant in Bad Hall with effect from 1 September. The silver-coloured building, with a square floor plan of 100 x 100 m, is located alongside the road B 122. 

Sustainability concepts such as the reduction of internal transport routes, the renunciation of fossil fuels and the in-house production of green electricity were integrated into the planning and construction of the logistically and technologically optimised production facility.

Here, 50 dedicated and excellently trained employees manufacture customer-specific solutions made of engineering plastics, most of which are exported to global markets. Plant 6 impresses with its efficiency and strategic use of available space. Thanks to the sophisticated internal logistics, special solutions can be produced entirely at the same location.

The new building is not only functional, but also blends seamlessly and aesthetically pleasing into the surrounding landscape. Its representative, floating aluminium façade, which was anodised at AGRU Oberflächentechnik GmbH, forms a strong contrast to the black-grey in-situ concrete base. A traditional shed roof provides natural, indirect light and improves the acoustics in the hall. It is home to one of the largest 5-axis machining centres in Upper Austria. This high-tech device is ideal for the complete machining of very large and heavy plastic parts up to 4 x 4 x 4 meters. In addition, the plant has an ISO class 7 cleanroom in which high-purity products are welded into ready-to-use isometrics, which are used, for example, in computer chip production.

AGRU Plant 6 makes a significant contribution to regional economic development by creating high-quality jobs.

AGRU is proud to offer a variety of training and development programs for employees in plastics and metal technology. The offer ranges from apprenticeship training in a state-of-the-art training workshop to the retraining of career changers to become lathes and milling cutters. Much of the construction work was carried out by regional partners, underlining the company's commitment to strengthening the local community and economy.

Plant 6 is also a prime example of sustainable and environmentally friendly construction. It has a powerful photovoltaic system with 1300 kWp for self-sufficiency with green electricity. All heating and cooling processes are based on environmentally friendly heat pump technology that does not require fossil fuels. In addition, all surface water is carefully collected, purified and returned to nature.

All these aspects contribute significantly to achieving AGRU's sustainability goals and minimizing the impact of the operation on the environment. The opening of Plant 6 not only strengthens AGRU's overall strategy, but also increases competitiveness through a faster and improved response to customer requests. Plant 6 is an expression of AGRU's commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, quality and sustainability.

Bad Hall, 30.08.2023