Ultra-pure piping systems

PURAD piping systems

Piping systems for ultra-pure media
The PURAD piping system made of PVDF UHP, PP PURE and POLYPURE offers the best solution for reliable distribution of ultra-pure water (UPW) in semiconductor factories of the latest and of future generations (< 14 nm technology). The variety of materials available offers cost-efficient solutions for any range of piping system applications.

Highest product purity & surface quality

Production of all system components in ISO class 5 cleanrooms
Maximum safety and performance for your application

  • Therefore the perfect choice for ultra-pure water (UPW)
  • Fast and safe flushing of the pipelines after correct installation
  • Suitable for < 14 nanometre technology semiconductor production

Everything from a single source

Pipes, fittings and valves from one production facility for maximum performance

Easy procurement and a reliable supply chain

  • ensure fast and reliable availability of parts from OD 20 to OD 315 mm in PN 10 and PN 16
  • guarantee the availability of project-specific OEM components
  • also for application-optimised welding technology and rental welding machines
  • thanks to local service partners who ensure on-schedule delivery
  • through technical support in all phases of construction

Universal applicability

System components with a perfect fit in PVDF UHP, PP Pure, PP natural (Polypure)
Fulfil even the most demanding requirements in various branches of industry

  • such as semiconductor, photovoltaics, life sciences, nanotechnology, energy storage technology, etc.
  • and low space requirements for installation due to the revolutionary product design
  • because the majority of the fittings and valves are manufactured using innovative injection moulding technology
  • due to worry-free support for various welding technologies
  • such as the FM 4910, DIBt, USP class VI, FDA and Semi F 57 product and material approval standards

Long-term reliability

Exclusive processing of selected premium raw materials
Excellent, continuously monitored product properties

  • guarantee safe and reliable 24/7 operation of piping systems, even in sensitive applications
  • drastically reduce the maintenance requirements for the installed piping system components
  • deliver top performance even when operated at maximum load
  • thanks to fully automated welding technology with integrated quality controls