The user-friendly PE 100-RC piping system

AGRULINE PE piping systems

PE piping systems for transporting water and gas
AGRULINE comprises perfectly matched pipes, fittings and special parts made of the ultra-robust PE 100 | PE 100-RC materials and PE-Xa for gas and water supply as well as wastewater disposal. Thanks to decades of product optimisation, AGRULINE is one of the most economical PE piping systems on the market. XXL pipes with external diameters of up to 3500 mm and lengths of up to 600 m can be supplied for demanding special applications.

Complete product range

Pipes and fittings from a single source for maximum dimensional accuracy
One stop shopping

  • All of the components match each other perfectly
  • Personal, technical consulting included
  • Reliable on-time delivery supports your work site logistics
  • All components of the piping system are available in sizes from OD 20 mm to OD 3500 mm

Maintenance-free pipes

Homogeneous welding and PE 100-RC ensure operational safety

Welded PE piping systems are more reliable and offer a longer service life than pluggable joints

  • AGRULINE piping systems are homogenous, longitudinally force-locked and leak-tight
  • The best suitable welding system is selected per site conditions
  • No expensive thrust blocks are needed for installation underground
  • Intact pipelines which have been in operation for more than 50 years confirm this reliability

Great economic efficiency

Easy installation, ultra-long service life and high quality
Saving you time and money

  • The flexibility of PE often allows for directional changes without fittings
  • Dimensionally accurate pipes and fittings keep the installation time short
  • The investment intervals for PE piping are many decades
  • Smooth inner surfaces prevent adhesion and ensure perfect flow characteristics

Certified materials

Selection of raw materials in accordance with the guidelines of the renowed PE 100+ Association
Outstanding material properties ensure

  • High creep strength
  • Extreme resistance to slow crack growth
  • Insensitive to pressure surges and seismic activity
  • Installation without sand embedding and alternative installation techniques

Expertise in the field of plastics processing

Thanks to decades of on-site experience and research and development
Experience and expertise since 1961 enable

  • Flexible, solution-oriented service from qualified employees
  • State-of-the-art production processes and machines
  • Carefully-considered and perfected piping components
  • Greatest application focus thanks to in-house mould making
  • Products certified according to EN 12201 / EN 1555, VGW, DVGW, ISO 4427 / ISO 4437, EN ISO 15494 and PAS 1075