AGRU XXL Piping Systems

The most economical long-term solution for seawater intake / discharge, outfall, sewage and industrial process lines. Two state-of-the-art production plants for pipes and fittings, sophisticated welding technology, extensive know-how in engineering and logistics. This is just one part of the AGRU service, which provides a customer-related one-stop shopping solution. We follow our client´s needs and support them during the entire projectrealization phase – from the beginning to the approval. This qualifies AGRU as the most experienced and reliable EPC partner.

Polyethylene - material of choice

Cost and time saving installation

  • Extremely flexible and lightweight
  • Homogeneous and durable welding connections
  • Allowing various installation methods
  • Fast & safe offshore sinking process
  • Reducing manpower on site
  • UV resistant

Efficient and maintenance-free operation

  • Smooth surface, perfect flow characteristics
  • Resistant against corrosion and abrasion
  • Insensitive to pressure surges (up to 200% of the operating pressure)
  • Physiologically safe
  • Service life expectancy ≥ 100 years
  • Fully recyclable

Valuable engineered

Raw material

Only pre-compounded (including well dispersed high-grade additives) and virgin resins are used for AGRU XXL pipes which are in conformance to both, PE 100 (-RC) and PE 4710 requirements.

Emerging production technology - developed by AGRU 

Due to ongoing innovation in production technology, AGRU expands its leading position for large diameter piping systems and is now producing the world´s largest extruded PE 100 (-RC) pressure pipe.

Uncompromising excellent quality 

AGRU implements stringent quality control, that exceeds international standards. Additionally, each product produced is fully documented and traceable along the entire supply chain - from raw material to the final product.

We provide system solutions

AGRU provides the full dimension range according to current standards. Pipes are produced project specific with seamless lengths up to 600 m.

Pipe supply range →

Fitting supply range

AGRU provides a complete system. Fittings are available up to OD 3500 mm acc. to the respective pipe SDR.

Flange components

AGRU provides the complete range for durable flange connections including:

  • EPDM gaskets with steel inserts
  • Backing rings / blind flanges in various steel qualities
  • Bolt sets in various steel qualities (screws, nuts, washers)

Realizing ideas from scratch to the final product

Design, engineering, in-house fabrication

Vast capabilities allow AGRU to provide tailor-made and timely solutions, all from a single source – this qualifies AGRU as the most valuable partner for EPC contractors!

Proven and reliable jointing methods

Heated plate butt welding

Homogeneous welding connections across the entire wall thickness provides a monolithic system that maintains its full pressure rating without any weak points. Long-term and proven welding method that is available for all dimensions!

Clean, fast, safe

AGRU offers highly automated welding procedures with full documentation and traceability. This welding method requires less labor and keeps you one step ahead of any other fusion technology.

Flange connections

AGRU supplies mechanical connections that enable detachable transitions to buildings and/or other pipe materials.

Project optimized, detachable, safe

Pipe branches

The spigot saddle system topload utilizes a specialized clamping system that offers an efficient and flexible solution to create branches that are electro-fusion welded to existing or new pipelines in on- or offshore locations.

Design-flexible, safe

Offshore float and sink installation, made easy by the AGRU PE 100(-RC) Piping Systems

  • The floating PE 100(-RC) pipe is pulled into the water and placed to its final postion.
  • Valves are opend and water flows into the pipe - controlled sinking process is progressing.
  • The pipe is connected to the intake structure on the ocean ground.
  • The pipe is covered by back-fill material to protect it and to keep it in place.

Smart logistical solutions by AGRU 

  • Break-bulk shipment
  • Flat-rack transport
  • Towing transport
  • Container transport

Information and Contact

Brochure: AGRU XXL Piping Systems
Technical Catalogue: Large Diameter Piping System Catalogue (PDF)

Information on the AGRU XXL pipes as well as for all customer-relevant technical details: 

Markus Ebster, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Head of Business Unit XXL Piping Systems

Phone: +43 7258 790 - 3320
Mail: ebm(at)