For industrial applications

AGRUCHEM industrial piping systems

Reliable plant operations for decades
The AGRU industrial piping system includes materials and piping systems for virtually any industrial application. Excellent chemical resistance and an extremely wide temperature application range make our industrial piping systems the ideal solution for pipework in plant, apparatus, vessel and tank construction, and also in the petrochemicals industry.

Fast and easy installation

Perfectly matched pipes, fittings and special parts
Our strength lies in more than 50 years of experience and offers you

  • Carefully thought-out systems optimised down to the finest detail
  • Unique technical application advice from experts
  • Easy planning, fast installation and effective logistics
  • Great operational reliability thanks to the use of proven DVS welding processes

Maintenance-free pipes

The welded joints and materials ensure operational safety
Efficient and reliable operation of your plant thanks to

  • Durable and robust system components
  • Corrosion-free and highly resilient plastics
  • Tried-and-trusted AGRU industrial piping systems

Double operational safety

The compact Poly-Flo double containment piping system is absolutely reliable
A media pipe and a protective pipe extruded in a single production step offer

  • Absolute operational safety thanks to the ability to monitor the annular gap
  • Time-saving installation thanks to simultaneous welding
  • Space-saving design with extremely low weight

For large dimensions, AGRU has also offered the proven, pre-assembled double containment piping system, which has been tried and tested for many years.

High media resistance

Standard materials and custom materials leave nothing to be desired

  • Customised PE and PP types for special fields of application
  • Electrically conductive, flame-retardant and chemically resilient materials
  • Maximum acid and lye resistance