AGRU semi-finished plastic products

Chemical-resistant semi-finished sheets, pipes, bars and welding rods
The AGRU product range is distinguished by a unique variety of products and materials. All our sheets, round bars, welding rods or liner pipes are available in everything, from standard up to high-performance plastics. Solutions and finished parts for any application can be realized with our pressed and extruded sheets, fabric backed sheets, round bars, hollow bars, fabric-backed pipes and welding rods made of PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE FEP and PFA. In addition to our standard portfolio of plastic semi-finished products, many specialised products are available upon request.

Highest chemical resistance

For each type of chemical, we have a plastic material that provides a long-lasting chemical resistance
Optimised price-performance ratio for each application

  • thanks to consultation and material recommendations by The Plastics Experts
  • due to the operational reliability provided by AGRU solutions
  • resulting from the longer-than-average service life

The industrial application in question determines which material offers the best possible economic efficiency and operational reliability. Whether PFA or FEP, PVDF or ECTFE, PE or PP: The Plastics Experts at AGRU are happy to help you with your application.

Everything from a single source

Comprehensive semi-finished product portfolio and extensive stock-keeping
The five application options for semi-finished plastic products are

  • Tank construction (solid wall)
  • Dual Laminat constructions (FRP fabric-backed lining)
  • Bonding to steel
  • Fix point lining
  • Machining of custom parts for specific customer needs 

Consistently high quality

Raw material specifications, state-of-the-art production and quality assurance
Reliable products with consistent properties

  • monitored by ISO-certified quality and environmental management system
  • due to conformity with national and international standards
  • ensured by regular audits and external monitoring

Fabric backing system

Chemically resistant fabrics made of various materials (polyester-, synthetic- and glass fabric)
There is an optimal long-lasting solution for each application

  • due to the production of PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, and PFA fabric-backed sheets
  • thanks to the high acid and high hydrolysis resistance of the synthetic fabric
  • due to easy handling provided by thermoformability
  • because AGRU utilises a proven method for the embedding of the fabrics in the plastic material

Liner pipes

Time- and cost-saving installation with AGRU liner pipes made of PVDF, ECTFE, FEP and PFA
AGRU offers special liner pipes for the lining of FRP liner pipes.

While the FRP structure provides the ecessary stiffness, the liner pipe provides the chemical resistance for the application. All liner pipes manufactured by AGRU are equipped with a specially modified surface to ensure the best possible bond between the plastic and the FRP.

  • PVDF HV liner pipes and fittings with a special modified rough surface
  • Fabric-backed pipes in lengths of 1 m and 5 m made of ECTFE, FEP and PFA and in 5 m lengths made of ECTFE, FEP and PFA

Gas scrubbers

Made of PE 100-RC semi-finished sheets
Gas scrubbers are used to neutralise industrial exhaust gases. The exhaust gas to be treated enters the lower end of the scrubber and is moving upwards to the upper end of the scrubber. The scrubbing fluid is distributed over the entire pipe cross-section and trickles down through the inside of the column, where it is collected in a tank. The flue gas composition can form an aggressive medium in combination with the scrubbing fluid. This is why flue gas scrubbers are often made from corrosion-resistant, semi-finished thermoplastic sheets.