Overview of AGRU product innovations

Tee long spigot

The injection moulded tee OD 630 SDR 11 is now available! Create pressure class compliant branches on your pipe with the premium solution!

The extended version can be used for both heating element butt - and electrofusion welding. It can also be installed without sand bedding thanks to the stress crack resistant PE 100-RC material, offering maximum flexibility and safety.

This unique fitting extends the AGRULINE range and sets a new benchmark.

Material: PE 100-RC
Dimensions: 630 SDR 11

Download Product sheet (PDF) Tee long spigot

AGRU electrofusion welding machines with Short Circuit Protection (SCP) system

Newly available AGRU electrofusion universal machines with built-in SCP (Short Circuit Protection) system, detect short circuit based on variations in fittings heating wire resistance. These resistance changes are detected and evaluated by the SCP system and the welding process is aborted if necessary!

Rely on our expertise and benefit from the complete traceability and documentation of every weld. The SCP system works for all AGRU electrofusion fittings from DN 20 to DN 500 and is integrated into all new AGRU electrofusion welding machines.


More Information about the SCP-System

AGRU PVDF Supply Range

In order to provide our customers with an even more reliable supply of PVDF semi-finished products, AGRU expanded the PVDF product portfolio. Now it includes two new Homopolymer PVDF grades to provide an alternative to our standard products.
These grades have the typical AGRU PVDF properties and can be used for a wide range of applications, combined with increased availability, and cost competitive options. Currently there is no experiance with the new grades in HP applications. Therefore we would recommend to use our standard Solef materials.

More information about the AGRU PVDF Supply Range

Poly-Flo – The ready-to-use double containment piping system

Poly-Flo includes a complete piping system made of PE 100-RC and PPR for the safe transport of hazardous media through groundwater protection areas or in chemical plants with a high hazard potential. The high level of cost-effectiveness and decades of research and development make Poly-Flo a reliable partner. The compactly designed double containment piping system is available in PE 100-RC and PPR materials in dimensions ranging from OD 50/32 mm to 225/160 mm. The pressure ratings can be selected between SDR 17/11 and SDR 33/17.

More information about the poly-flo double containment piping system

AGRU Flex Restraint

The AGRU Flex Restraint is a flexible bar for electro-socket welding onto PE 100 / PE 100-RC pressure pipes. This way, a rigid system by fixed points can be created that absorbs high forces to prevent axial movement. This special fitting is placed onto the pipe with a tensioning belt and is homogeneously welded by electro-socket welding in accordance with AGRU installation guidelines, based on DVS 2207-1.
The AGRU Flex Restraint offers a strength of 40 KN in axial direction. If higher forces have to be absorbed, several Flex Restraints are to be distributed around the circumference.

Material: PE 100-RC
Shear strength: 40 KN

Main Dimensions: 
L (mm): 234.0
B (mm): 70.0
H (mm): 40.0

Download Productsheet (PDF) AGRU Flex Restraint

Hydrogen AGRU

Hydrogen is a key component of green energy, serving as an energy storage, fuel, and raw material. The electrolysis process for H2 production requires a significant amount of water. In hydrogen projects, seawater is transported via AGRU XXL pipelines to desalination plants, treated with AGRUCHEM, and purified in high-purity PURAD piping systems in ultrapure water plants. In PEM electrolysis, the purified water is directly converted into H2. In alkaline electrolysis (AEM), potassium hydroxide (KOH) is mixed with water and transported from the production site to the electrolysis plant through AGRU fluoropolymer pipes (FEP) or transport tanks (ECTFE). Within the electrolysis plant, the diluted potassium hydroxide is reliably transported or stored in PP tanks and piping systems. The H2 can then be stored in tanks lined with semi-finished products and transported to end customers using the certified AGRULINE H2ready piping system.

More informations about Hydrogen AGRU

AGRU Gas-Lock

The saftey device for your gas system

The AGRU Gas-Lock is the safety valve for applications in gas service pipes. It is implemented in polyethylene fittings (e.g. tapping tees) which
are used for connection pipes. The Gas-Lock closes the passage in case the flow rate exceeds a defined level within a split of seconds. As a
result, there is no leakage of gas and the environment is kept safe. After the repair work has been finished, the Gas-Lock can be re-opened
by reapplying a pressure balance between the supply pipe and the main pipe.

More Informations about the AGRU Gas-Lock

New AGRU PVDF Sheets

AGRU PVDF sheets now availalbe in stock

AGRU is now able to offer PVDF natural sheets with dimension 2000 x 1000 mm. Additionally, fabric backed PVDF PGW (Polyester fabric backed) sheets can be offered as sheets and rolls. 

  • Typical characteristics of PVDF
  • Emulsion grade
  • Full traceability via unique product code
  • Stock items, ready for shipment

More Informations about the new AGRU PVDF sheets

FM 1613 approved piping systems

Expanded product range and significantly increased pressure rating!

AGRU is the first supplier with an extensive product range of pipes and fittings made from high crack resistant PE 100-RC material! This safes costs during installation, increases the system safety and the service lifetime of the complete piping system.

Furthermore, AGRU PE 100-RC FM approved components achieve the highest pressure ratings of 215 psi / 15 bar (SDR 11) and 250 psi / 17.5 bar (SDR 9). With the AGRU FM approved catalog and comprehensive technical support, AGRU offers a complete program and is your partner from planning to completion of any project where FM approved piping is required for underground fire suppression systems.

More Informations about the FM 1613 approved piping systems


High pressure gas piping system made from polyamide

SureAMID ist ein Polyamid-Komplettsystem, bestehend aus Rohren, Formteilen und der optimalen Verbindungstechnik. Der hochwertige Kunststoff Polyamid verleiht dem System eine hohe Druck- und Spannungsrissbeständigkeit sowie Diffusionsdichtheit. 

This makes SureAMID your first choice for high-pressure gas applications up to 16 bar in accordance with DVGW bulletin G 472. The pipes and fittings can be joined using butt or electrofusion welding. 

More informations about the SureAMID 

PVDF-UHP tee, reduced

OD 90/20 mm to OD 90/63 mm and OD 110/20 mm to OD 110/63 mm

AGRU is constantly improving and expanding its product programme of PVDF-UHP fittings in order to meet the constantly growing requirements for high-purity plastic piping systems. The latest addition is reduced PVDF-UHP tees (code: 35.065). The overall length of the fittings has been reduced to allow for a compact system design and ecological packaging. All reduced tees can be butt+IR and beadlessly welded.

PE 100-RC E bifilar coil mechanically manufactured

A fully embedded heating wire offers

  • An easy to clean welding surface
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Uniform and gentle heat distribution in the welding zone

The premium PE 100-RC material offers

  • Particularly high resistance to slow crack growth
  • Cost savings by removing the need for sand bedding

Bifilar welding system

  • Two separate welding zones
  • Single-sided pre-welding (e.g., in the workshop) possible

Weldable with universal welding machines

  • Tensioning straps for ideal welding pressure

Extremely efficient

  • Lightweight
  • Short welding times without preheating
  • Special flange for connections to valves<o:p></o:p>

Special flange for connections to valves

The special design offers

  • Very good shape stability
  • High pressure resistance
  • Frictional

Nominal width compliant joint with metal fittings offers

  • Cost reductions for fittings as smaller nominal widths are possible
  • Use of shut-off valves supported
  • Reduction of empty space between the special flange and fitting
  • Lower operating costs due to optimised flow characteristics
  • Fewer deposits

Premium PE 100-RC material

  • Extremely high stress crack resistance
  • For use in installation without a sandbed

Tee 45° injection moulded

Special design

  • Injection-moulded fitting
  • Perfect flow characteristics
  • For butt and E-socket welding

Premium material PE 100-RC

  • EResistant to slow crack growth
  • Cost savings thanks to installation without a sandbed

Premium material PP-R

  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent strength, rigidity and hardness

Guaranteed traceability for components

  • Batch number
  • Traceability code PE 100-RC

Stop-off saddle

For repairing damaged PE-HD gas pipes

A fully embedded heating wire

  • An easy to clean welding surface
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Uniform and gentle heat distribution in the welding zone

Premium PE 100-RC material

  • Particularly high resistance to slow crack growth
  • Cost savings by removing the need for sand bedding

Special structure

  • Fast installation thanks to fastening strap and screws
  • Low space requirement

Guaranteed traceability for components

  • Continuous serial number
  • Traceability code

Poly-Flo induction e-socket

The induction e-socket consists of a metal ring which is overmoulded using PE or PP. The ring inductor is an electrical coil that generates a magnetic field. Inductive heating causes the plastic in the welding zone to plasticise and joins the pipe to the e-socket.

Poly-Flo piping system
The Poly-Flo system is an extension of the double containment piping system. The pipes and fittings are manufactured (extruded/compression moulded) in a single step and are fully pressure-resistant.

Welding methods

  • Simultaneous welding
  • Cascade welding
    • Inner pipe: Infrared or butt welding
    • Outer pipe: Induction welding

AGRU backing rings

Precisely adapted to FRP stub flanges

  • Precise adaptation of the backing rings to the FRP stub flanges
  • High chemical resistance
  • Glass fibre reinforced outer shell made of PP
  • High mechanical strength thanks to steel core
  • Proven use for many years with thermoplastic only pipelines
  • Perfectly matched flange joint with AGRU ePTFE Seal Clean gasket

The problem with flange connections (stub flange/backing ring) is that the loose flange designed for plastic welding backing rings does not fit on a FRP stub flange with regard to the d3 dimension. AGRU has now added a backing ring up to OD 630 mm to its product programme to solve this problem.

Extruded blocks up to 120 mm thickness

Create even larger custom parts

  • Extruded blocks in PP-R and PVDF are available from stock up to 100 mm thickness
  • Standard formats of the blocks 1000 mm x 610 mm (PVDF) or 1000 mm x 620 mm (PP-R)
  • Special lengths up to 3000 mm possible
  • Easily create custom parts in an inexpensive way
  • PE types and other special materials and colours available on enquiry

New custom format for sheets

Sheet material with thicknesses of 17.5 / 22.5 / 27.5 mm available

  • Very good chemical resistance
    Long service life, even with aggressive media
  • Everything from a single source
    Comprehensive semi-finished product portfolio and extensive stock availability
  • Consistently high quality
    Raw material specifications, state-of-the-art production and quality assurance