Plant construction

AGRU semi-finished products are ideal construction materials for custom-built equipment. Because they are low in weight and easy to process, it is possible to realise very complex geometrical forms with them. 

Tank construction

Tanks for diverse chemicals can be manufactured quickly and reliably using AGRU semi-finished products. The comprehensive product range offered by AGRU provides significant advantages, because in addition to semi-finished products, pipes and diverse fittings are also used to construct a complete overall system. The operating conditions, such as the chemicals and temperatures involved, also play a significant role in the process.

The advantages of the AGRU solution are obvious:

  • Low tank weight in comparison to steel 
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easy processing of the semi-finished products
  • Variety of materials

Finished parts

As a leading company in the plastics industry, AGRU manufactures semi-finished products and also machines them as needed to create final products. Much expertise has been gathered, in particular in the area of special parts for piping system. AGRU manufactures fittings up to an outer diameter of 2500 mm in its own CNC machining department.

FRP dual laminate

Tanks made of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) are lined with fabric backed plastic sheets to maintain chemical resistance and leak-tightness. Such tanks, boilers, reactors and scrubbers are then suitable for operation under vacuum and pressure at up to 180 °C (depending on the material and chemical).


Steel lining (fully bonded)

A fully bonded lining made of fabric backed sheet material applied to steel provides long-term chemical resistance at temperatures up to 120 °C (depending on the material and medium) for storage and shiping containers, reactors, centrifuges and related equipment. A vacuum- and pressure-capable version is available.


Fix point lining

AGRU PFA sheets can also be fastened to steel substrate by mechanical fix points such as clamps, bolts or screws. This PFA lining system is mainly used for flue gas applications and desulphurisation systems at temperatures up to 260 °C.