Longer service life for concrete buildings

Concrete protective liners

Corrosion protection through chemical-resistant plastics
Reinforced concrete is the material of the 20th and 21st centuries. As robust as reinforced concrete may seem, water and chemicals often find a way to infiltrate the reinforcements, and compromise the stability of structures. Concrete protective liners made of chemically resistant plastics effectively prevent concrete corrosion and therefore extend the life of the structure. They are ideal for buildings with high groundwater backpressure or strict environmental requirements.

Effective protection against concrete corrosion

through permanently sealed surfaces
Reinforced concrete like new for many years

  • thanks to the absolute leak-tightness of the welded lining
  • due to unique anchoring in the concrete
  • thanks to the optional self-cleaning surface with bionic properties

Solutions for every requirement

thanks to the wide range of materials (PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE)
Suitable for any concrete structure

  • as they are suitable for both, cast in situ and precast elements
  • as they can be used across a wide temperature range
  • suitable for renovation or new construction

Unrivalled cost efficiency

Thanks to the ease installation and outstanding product quality
Particularly time- and cost-saving thanks to

  • the special and ergonomic induction welding system
  • the large liner dimension
  • the lined concrete surfaces being maintenance-free to a large extent

Suitable for portable water reservoirs

HYDROCLICK and HYDRO+ meet hygiene and portable water demands
AGRU concrete protective liners for portable water applications in PE 80 blue

  • are softener-free and chlorine-resistant up to 3 mg/l
  • ensure that the linings last for decades
  • enable optimum leakage monitoring in portable water tanks