Christoph Mayr

Trainer for metal technology

“I actually joined AGRU by chance in 2019. It was clear to me from the very first interview that this was going to be a good match; AGRU is a very caring company. I am a fundamentally positive person. And I also try to adopt some approaches that our apprentices show. Young people take a far more relaxed view of some things than we adults do. In my opinion, an apprenticeship is the vocational training path that offers the greatest career opportunities later on. You can draw from the full range of options, whether KTLA, WIFI or university – there are no limits to further training. An apprenticeship is the best starting point, because every employer wants people who have a good command of both theory and practice.”

Michael Binder

Trainer for plastics technologies

“It all started for me back in 2008 with my apprenticeship as a production technician at AGRU, and today I am a trainer for plastics technology. The first-class training in AGRU's ultra-modern apprentice workshop has deep roots. After all, AGRU has always been a technology pioneer. For particularly capable AGRU apprentices, the world is their oyster. Outstanding achievements are rewarded with a three-month stay abroad in the USA or China, giving the apprentices an intercultural experience enjoyed by few others of their age. And trained and skilled workers will always have the option of seeking a new challenge at one of AGRU's subsidiaries in Germany, Poland, China or the USA.”


Throughout their training, apprentices are supported by experienced apprenticeship officers, who are always available to give assistance and advice. Besides the daily work, we also invest in our apprentices' personal and professional development. Workshops, apprentice projects and team events ensure variety in apprenticeship training. As an additional incentive, AGRU also offers apprentices bonuses for excellent performance at vocational college, on completing their apprenticeships and for special achievements. AGRU is also happy to support apprentices in completing their apprenticeship with an A-level certificate equivalent. In consultation with the company, working hours are arranged to allow enough time to attend college at the KTLA and to study. As a special "treat", we also offer our apprentices the opportunity to do an internship abroad lasting several months and to take part in further training in cooperation with WIFI Upper Austria.