AGRU Award 

The organisers only accept participation under the conditions set out here. In case of uncertainties relating to the meaning of the individual regulations, participants are requested to contact the organisers. By submitting the documents, the participant declares that they have read and understood the conditions of participation and that they agree to these conditions. 

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All retailers/representatives/customers of AGRU Kunststofftechnik Gesellschaft m.b.H. worldwide are eligible for the AGRU Award. 

AGRU Picture Award

Each participant can submit two pictures and two videos for evaluation. The photos should be aesthetically appealing and always be clearly related to AGRU (e.g., showing an AGRU product in use, a construction site with AGRU products, AGRU employees in action). Prizes will be awarded for images or videos that meet full HD (height of 1080 pixels) criteria as a minimum. At the time of submission, the submitter must hold all rights to the photo. 

Figure: BHI/Jerremy Gudac, Steinaker Service Canal, America

AGRU Brand Award

This award is given to campaigns with which resellers have consistently, sustainably and successfully made the AGRU brand known to their end customers in their sales area. This includes all classic advertising actions such as flyers, websites, the point of sale design using AGRU design elements, PR campaigns, social media campaigns, etc. What is important here is sustainability and a clear list stating all of the actions, campaigns and target groups as well as evidence of greater AGRU brand awareness in the target market. 

Figure: AGRU Pipeline Technology, Showroom China

AGRU Project Award

The prize will be awarded to the representative/customer chosen as the supplier in a nationally or internationally significant project. The project must clearly differ from the sales partner/customer's normal projects, either due to exacting technical requirements, particularly difficult general conditions or the greater delivery volume. You do not need to submit anything for this award. The winner will be chosen by our AGRU Application Technology department on the basis of the projects handled in Application Technology. They include: 

  • AGRU retailers/customers who have implemented a special technical solution or a particularly well-known major project with AGRU products in the last or current financial year. 
  • The technical solution must clearly stand out from the retailer/customer's day-to-day business, or the submitted project must be of great national importance. 

Bild: Vogt Technik GmbH, Projekt “Seewasserleitung Bielersee”, Swiss

AGRU Product Award

The prize will be awarded to the representative which has demonstrably implemented successful actions and campaigns for the sustainable market launch of a specific AGRU product/AGRU product line in its sales territory. Besides the absolute and percentage increase in sales, innovative marketing measures will also be taken into account for this award. You do not need to submit anything for this award. The winner will be chosen by our AGRU Sales team based on sales revenues. 

  • AGRU retailers who have achieved a significant increase in sales or entered a new market with an AGRU product or AGRU product line in the last or current financial year. 

Bild: Asahi America, AGRUCHEM ECTFE-Doppelrohrsystem für das Projekt Northeast Water Purification Plant