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The organizers accept participation only under the conditions set out here. If there is any doubt about the importance of individual regulations, the participants are asked to contact the organizers. By submitting the documents, the participant declares to have read and understood the conditions of participation and to be in agreement with these conditions.



All dealers / representatives / customers of agru Kunststofftechnik Gesellschaft m.b.H. are eligible for the AGRU Award worldwide.

For submission, only current, ongoing projects or projects completed in 2021/2022 are allowed. The submission can be made in the two categories "AGRU Picture Award" and "AGRU Brand Award". In addition, an “AGRU Project Award” and an “AGRU Product Award” will be awarded, for which no proper submission is required. The winners of these two awards will be determined by AGRU on the basis of the projects handled in the AWT as well as the realized sales. For participation in the AGRU Picture Award and AGRU Brand Award, please submit your documents via e-mail to the email address award@agru.at until 16th January 2023. For each participant, a number of two projects can be submitted for evaluation.

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AGRU Picture Award

Per participant, a number of two pictures and two videos can be submitted for evaluation. The images should have some aesthetic value and at least have a clear reference to AGRU (for example, an AGRU product in use, construction site with AGRU products, AGRU employees on duty). The trophy will be awarded to images or videos that meet at least Full HD (1080 pixel height) criteria. At the time of submission, the submitter must dispose of the necessary photographic rights. Due to the submission of the award, agru Kunststofftechnik Gesellschaft m.b.H. may use the submitted images without reservation and irrevocably (in accordance with §78, copyright law) - in whole or in part for advertising & PR purposes of agru Kunststofftechnik Gesellschaft m.b.H. In particular, the right to reproduce, edit, publish, distribute, make available in the film, the Internet and in print media of any kind, in particular in brochures, advertising folders and flyers. Authorized for publication is agru Kunststofftechnik Gesellschaft m.b.H. (Ing.-Pesendorfer-Straße 31, 4540 Bad Hall).

Conditions for participation

  • The award is for AGRU dealers/customers who photographed or filmed aesthetically or artistically valuable application/project images in the last or current fiscal year with AGRU products.
  • The photos and videos must be digital, display AGRU products during operation or installation, and have a minimum resolution of 1080 pixels in height (Full HD).
  • Exact description of the intended use, indication of place, date and site name.
  • The rights of use for the pictures or videos are transferred to AGRU without restriction.
  • If persons are shown, their approval for publication by the submitter must be obtained.
AGRU Picture Award
Austria’s largest PE 100-RC pipe laid in lake

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AGRU Brand Award

The award recognizes actions with which the dealer has made the AGRU brand known to the end customer consistently, sustainably and successfully in its sales territory. This includes all classic advertising measures such as flyers, websites, the design of the point of sale in AGRU design, PR campaigns, social media campaigns, etc. Important are the sustainability and clear listing of all measures, campaigns and target groups as well as the demonstrably increased brand awareness of AGRU on the target market. Submit for the AGRU Brand Award if you meet the following criteria:

  • AGRU retailers who promoted the AGRU brand particularly in the last or current financial year or who put the brand AGRU or AGRU products in the limelight with particularly creative marketing campaigns.
  • The precondition is that the AGRU brand or an AGRU brand name has been actively advertised to end customers. If only the dealer name or products of the merchant have been promoted, the submission is invalid.
  • To submit, the creative concept and all elements of the campaign must be transmitted digitally (pdf, Word, jpeg).
  • Detailed description of the campaign idea and the target groups as well as the realization (media, frequency, motives).
  • The rights to use the campaign are transferred to AGRU without restrictions.
Trade Fair AGRU Brand Award
AGRU Products at the IFAT Munich 2022

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AGRU Project Award

The prize will be awarded to those representatives/customers who have supplied a nationally or internationally significant project. The project must be clearly differentiated from the average projects of the sales partner/customer either due to the high technical demands, particularly difficult framework conditions or the increased delivery volume. You do not have to submit for this award. The winner will be determined by our AGRU Application Engineering on the basis of the projects handled in application technology. These include:

  • AGRU dealers/customers who have realized AGRU products in the last or current financial year, a special technical solution or a particularly well-known major project.
  • The technical solution must stand out clearly from the day-to-day business of the dealer/customer or the submitted project must be of great national importance.
AGRU Project Award
AGRU concrete protection for giant wastewater tunnel

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AGRU Product Award

The prize is awarded to those representatives who have demonstrably set successful measures and actions for the sustainable market launch of a specific AGRU product or product line in their sales area. In addition to the absolute and percentage increase in sales, innovative marketing measures will also be taken into account in the awards. You do not have to submit for this award. The winner will be determined by our AGRU Sales Team on the basis of the sales invoiced. These include:

  • AGRU dealers who achieved a significant increase in sales or opened up a new market with a specific AGRU product / product line in the last or current financial year.
  • The total turnover of the dealer with this product / product line must have been at least 100,000 euros and the increase in sales in the corresponding product group must be at least 10% compared to the previous year (for new markets, the turnover is at least 10% of the previous sales of the product group in national territory).
AGRU Product Award
AGRU Concrete anchor injection molded

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All three awards will be awarded a trophy and a hotel voucher for a one-week holiday for two in Austria.


After the deadline for submission, the submissions will be judged by a jury.

The decision of the jury to whom the respective awards will be awarded will take place until 31. December 2022. The awarding and publication on the AGRU website will take place on 31. January 2023. Only those projects that meet the conditions of participation and have been submitted in good time will be evaluated.
The participants will be informed as soon as the nominees of the AGRU Awards 2022 are known. The participants have no influence on the cast, the evaluation and the decision of the jury. In particular, participants have neither the right to co-determination nor the right to fight the decision by the legal process.
The decisions of the jury are final. The legal process is excluded.

Ceremony and award:

The winners will be informed in writing. Trophy and prize will be sent by post. But the winners are also welcome to accept the prize in person in Bad Hall, Austria. For groups and companies, this must be done by a maximum of two representatives.


By participating and submitting the entry documents, the participants in the AGRU Award agree that their specified images and data may be used within the AGRU Award Marketing activities. Furthermore, the participants of agru Kunststofftechnik Gesellschaft m.b.H. the right to publish the project details of the submissions. Participants will not be reimbursed for expenses related to the AGRU Award. AGRU accepts no liability for the infringement of third party rights (rights of use of photos or business ideas, data protection obligations of confidentiality obligations, etc.) by the participant.

AGRU award prize austria holiday
AGRU Award prize - win a trip to AUSTRIA.

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