AGRUCHEM Industrial Piping Systems

We have decided to give our industrial piping system the first name AGRUCHEM. With this, we would like to underline the high chemical resistance of the ECTFE, PVDF and PP products. Nothing will change for our customers - they will receive the same high product quality and functionality as before. Installation instructions, approvals, packaging and delivery program remain the same. 

Industrial pipes are available from many manufacturers. But excellent product quality and application engineering knowledge from thousands of projects is associated with the name AGRU. To refer to the chemical resistance of AGRU industrial piping systems, we have established a new brand name for this product group. 


One name.

One brand.

One quality.

With AGRUCHEM, we will uniformly market our industrial piping systems worldwide. One name. One brand. One quality. We want to continue to supply the best plastic piping systems in the world for every application. 

Because one thing will not change in any case: our claim to quality and service. The AGRU manufacturing processes, state-of-the-art technology, outstanding quality and globally proven product design will remain unchanged. The new brand name AGRUCHEM applies with immediate effect to all AGRU industrial piping systems made of PP, PPs, PPs-ESD, HDPE-ESD, PE 100 blue, PVDF, ECTFE as well as to AGRU double containment piping systems.