Double containment system for waste water in Belgium

For renovation of waste water piping system

An extraordinary project regarding a double containment piping system was realised in Belgium close to Brussels. This project was executed in cooperation with Vink Belgium for the company JANSSEN PHARMACEUTICAL.

The Background

The PP double containment system is a waste pipe for pharmaceutical waste water (mainly organic solvents). In the past a pipeline rupture led to partial contamination of the area. 

PP double pipe for 80°C hot waste water.

Therefore the decision was taken to renew the waste water system with a double containment piping system. PP was selected because of the high temperature of 80 °C of the media.

The Project

The duration of the project using double containment piping was 2,5 years. During the year-long planning phase the chemical resistance had to be checked and the static calculations of the pipeline had to be worked out (underground pipeline with an installation depth of 1.5 meters). Construction started in spring 2010.

The double containment pipe

A few hundred meters of pipes were produced for this project. The diameters ranged from 200/110 mm (PP-H) to 1000/800 mm (PP-R). In addition, the three larger pipes required special machined anchors to prevent damage during transportation and handling on site.

Project details

Anchors, machined:

  • OD 1000/800 mm (60 pcs.)
  • OD 900/710 mm (6 pcs.)
  • OD 630/500 mm (17 pcs.)

Double containment pipes:

  • OD 1000/800 mm (300 m)
  • OD 900/710 mm (30 m)
  • OD 630/500 mm (85 m)
  • OD 450/315 mm (150 m)
  • OD 315/200 mm (180 m)
  • OD 200/110 mm (20 m)