ECTFE piping system for sulfuric acid 98%

Due to constant problems with existing piping systems in a power plant in Southwest Asia, the responsible management was looking for a long-term solution for the transport of aggressive chemicals. Until 2010, steel pipes were used for the transport of critical chemical media, but permanent maintenance was required and many steel parts had to be replaced within 2-3 years. This solution was totally unsatisfactory and alternatives were sought.

As a solution a double containment piping system was finally recommended. The double containment piping system supplied by AGRU uses a Halar ECTFE piping system as media pipe and a PE 100-RC piping system as protection pipe. The double containment piping system is of course equipped with a leakage monitoring system.

The conditions of the application in detail:

  • Sodium hypochlorite (concentration: 15%)
  • Sulfuric acid (concentration: 98%)
  • Temperature range:  50-60°C
  • Operating pressure: 5-6 bar

The ECTFE inner pipe provides a long-term solution for critical conditions.

Both chemicals are extremely aggressive. On the one hand, sulphuric acid with a pH value <1 is in use, on the other hand, sodium hypochlorite can form a basic environment (pH value 14). A pipe system for sulfuric acid 98% and for sodium hypochlorite had to be found that could withstand these extreme conditions.

AGRU produces the most suitable piping system for sulfuric acid 98% and for sodium hypochlorite - an ECTFE / PE 100-RC black double pipe system with leakage system. The ECTFE inside pipe is a long term solution for these critical conditions. In case of an unexpected problem, a leak detection system and the outer PE 100-RC protective pipe guarantee the safety of people and the environment (the present chemicals are water dangerous media).

The tightness and functionality of the ECTFE pipe system is thus permanently controlled and guaranteed. The installation was completed in 2011 and since then the double containment piping system has been working perfectly. All components for this project - pipes and fittings in the dimensions OD 63/20 mm, OD 90/32 mm and OD 125/63 mm, leakage detection system and FFKM seals - were supplied by AGRU Kunststofftechnik from Bad Hall, Austria.