AGRU PE 100-RC pipes for efficient cooling in Polish data centre

An innovative data centre for DATA4 POLAND was built in Jawczyce, near the Polish capital Warsaw. A key factor in the success of this project was the state-of-the-art cooling technology. To ensure the highest standards of operational safety and performance, an AGRU PE 100-RC piping system was selected and installed for the cooling water system. The quality of the project was ensured through continuous monitoring by an external auditing company.

The challenge: Robust cooling for high-performance servers

The ever-increasing dependence on digital services requires server rooms that can withstand the highest loads. Reliable cooling of the data servers is particularly critical here. The heart of the cooling system is therefore a piping system that connects the heat exchangers to the server rooms. The pipelines were designed to operate with water between 18-23 °C and a pressure of 2.5 to 3 bar.

The solution: Pipes made of PE 100-RC

AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH supplied pipes and fittings made of PE 100-RC for this cooling water pipe. The pipes have diameters between 75 and 280 mm and were joined using butt welding and electrofusion fittings.

Reliability and durability: Why PE 100-RC?

The material used, PE 100-RC, is characterized by special crack resistance and long-term reliability. This property is particularly advantageous for exposed pipe systems, as the robust material significantly increases operational safety, especially for welded joints.

Due to its 100 % UV resistance, PE 100-RC is very suitable for outdoor installation (see photo with the heat exchangers). The innovative material also copes very well with temperatures well below freezing. Thanks to its high flexibility and toughness, it can also absorb water hammers or vibrations. PE 100-RC also provides basic insulation for the piping system, resulting in less required insulation material. Subsequent adaptation of the piping is also possible at any time by means of plastic welding. Thanks to the lower weight of the plastic pipe, the pipe clamps are also subject to less stre

Successful completion

AGRU Frank Poland made a significant contribution to winning the contract, with on-site support enabling the project to be completed perfectly.  
Throughout the entire construction process, an external auditing company supervised the work to ensure that the high technical standards of the products supplied were maintained during installation. With the piping system supplied by AGRU, the DATA4 POLAND data centre met all technical requirements while providing a sustainable solution for future challenges.