Aquaculture solutions with AGRU PE 100-RC products

AGRU offers a complete, high-quality product range of pipes, fittings, sheet stock and concrete protective liners made of polyethylene for safe and environmentally friendly aquaculture & fish farming solutions. Years of experience, a highly knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment are the cornerstones for our high quality products.

Corrosion-free, shock and UV-resistant thermoplastic polyethylene products are essential to build a fish farm.
AGRU’s aquaculture solutions incorporate three product categories: AGRU-Ultra Grip concrete protective liner (CPL), piping systems and semi-finished products. Together, these thermoplastic products support the creation of modern fish farms in a variety of environments.


AGRU supplies pipes and fittings for the feed pipes, the floating surface rings of the cages and for water piping. 

AGRU semi-finished products are used to build customized fish tanks. When it comes to the land-based closed fish farming method, concrete tanks and efficient water piping systems are essential. However, the rough walls of the concrete basins can harm fishes, attract bacteria and are vulnerable to corrosion. To counter these problems, operators should apply AGRUSAFE concrete protective liners on the inside. For fish trawlers, the MINELINE piping system is the ideal solution to bring the catch undamaged below deck.

AGRU Ultra-Grip Concrete Protective Liners

Hygienic sealed concrete fish basins
Reinforced concrete basins equipped with a smooth inner liner

  • protect the concrete from corrosion
  • reduce the adhesion of bacteria
  • diminish injuries to fish

Piping Systems AGRULINE PE 100-RC

Floating surface collars and onshore water piping systems
Natural buoyancy and wave conformity

  • components are designed to fit perfectly with one another
  • durable and crack-resistant material PE 100-RC
  • pipes and fittings are available between OD 20 mm and OD 3500 mm


Gentle fish transport below deck
Abrasion resistant, smooth piping system

  • improves the fish quality since the catch doesn’t get damaged
  • smooth inner surface for gentle fish transport
  • is leightweight and increases load capacity


Electrically conductive feed pipes
Abrasion resistant system with highest flexibility

  • electrically conductive to prevent discharging shocks
  • thermal memory to survive storm waves and collision with boats
  • resistant against the abrasion of feed pellets

Semi-finished products

Floating fish containments and onshore fish tanks
Corrosion-free comprehensive product range offered by AGRU

  • low tank weight and natural buoyancy
  • easy processing of the semi-finished products
  • customized tank design for optimum use of existing space
MINELINE: Gentle fish transport below deck MINELINE: Gentle fish transport below deck
PE-Xel: Electrically conductive supply lines PE-Xel: Electrically conductive supply lines
Semi-finished products: Floating fish farms and fish tanks on land Semi-finished products: Floating fish farms and fish tanks on land