Water Tank Rehabilitation with Thermoplastic Lining

In the picturesque French town of La Roche-sur-Yon the public service company Vendée Eau, responsible for drinking water, selected  the cutting-edge AGRU-HYDROCLICK solution to rehabilitate a 40-meter high drinking water tank built in 1967. The HYDROCLICK system is the best choice when it comes to efficient drinking water storage rehabilitation. The HDPE lining meets the highest standards regarding food hygiene, mechanical stability, and durability.

From January to April 2023, extensive renovation work took place, during which the interior walls watertight  and pipelines of the conical drinking water tank were replaced. The challenging conditions, such as limited accessibility and conical walls, were skillfully mastered by installing 3,100 m² of HYDROCLICK panels.

The AGRU-HYDROCLICK solution stands out for its remarkable durability, frost and corrosion resistance, as well as easy cleaning options. Installation is carried out in three simple steps. Considering these compelling advantages, the experienced company SADE (VEOLIA Group) has installed HYDROCLICK on all the vertical walls and concrete slab floors of the tanks.

Superior product quality and fast, safe renovation of the drinking water tank.

Vendée Eau were very satisfied with the top-notch product quality and the quick, safe renovation of their drinking water tanks. The AGRU solution scores not only with its durability , health and safety but also with its sustainability thanks to the exceptional material quality. 

With the revolutionary HYDROCLICK solution, AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH underlines its pioneering role as a provider of efficient and sustainable alternatives for the renovation of drinking water tanks in full compliance with quality and environmental requirements.