Renewable energies at AGRU

We are already thinking today about tomorrow!


High product quality and individual advice are an important part of AGRU's portfolio, however, the topic of sustainability is increasingly shifting into the focus.

When we built our new Plant 4, AGRU did not look to save costs or effort in terms of renewable energies and sustainability – thus taking a huge step towards a "green" future. Geothermal energy probes, concrete core activation, a photovoltaic system, a wood chip heating system, and a plant for the recovery have all been set up.

The geothermal energy probes – to which we built the parts internally in cooperation with AGRU-Frank – pump excess energy in the form of hot water through the probes, thus cooling water and heating up the soil. In the winter, AGRU can recover this energy and thus use the heat pump more efficiently.

The AUSTROPLAN PV Liner (no longer in the product range), which was newly developed at the time, was used for the photovoltaic system at Plant 4. All told, photovoltaic cells with a total output of 125 kW were installed – this is equivalent to the power consumption of 25 family homes. The photovoltaic system is designed to be extensible at any time.

For years already, AGRU has used the exhaust heat from our machines to ensure environmentally friendly production by heating the cooling water for underfloor heating and flat collectors in the outside storage area. The benefits that this method offers is that exhaust heat can be used for heating while at the same time cooling down the cooling water for further use. Just recently, AGRU started to use the exhaust heat created by the air in the manufacturing shop in Plant 4 being heated up. The hot indoor air is extracted below the shop roof and fed to an air/water heat exchanger to recover the heat.

Looking to the future – today – sustainability at AGRU.

Certificate for economisation of CO² in the year 2016: Click here!

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