10/11 AGRU invests in sustainable...

Along the National road B 122 shortly before Bad Hall in Austria, something has been in upheaval for several months. Earthworks have changed the terrain, and large machines can be seen driving up every day. This is where Plant 6 is being built - AGRU's latest investment project. The plant planned by X ARCHITEKTEN is scheduled to go into operation at the beginning of 2023.

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05/10 Process tanks lined with fabric backed...

AGRU supplied 270 m² of fabric backed PP sheets as well as several PP fittings to its customer Atolli Oy. They were used by Muovityö Hiltunen Oy to build three process vessels of an ultrafiltration plant.

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15/09 Lake water utilisation for heat pump...

AGRU Kunststofftechnik supplied suitable pipelines made of the high-performance plastic PE 100-RC for the use of lake water. Professional divers from the Swiss company Hydrokarst Swiss installed the pipeline and lowered it to the lake bed.

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10/09 PP Pipe clip

New Product from AGRU


AGRU's new polypropylene pipe clip offers a simple and robust construction, multiple mounting possibilities and easy mounting and demounting due to separable upper and lower parts.

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22/07 FM 1613 approved piping systems

AGRU is the first supplier with an extensive product range of pipes and fittings made from high stress crack resistant PE 100-RC material! Pipes and fittings are available in the dimensions OD 63 mm to OD 630 mm in the pressure ranges 218 psi/15 bar (SDR 11) as well as 250 psi/17,5 bar (SDR 9).

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12/07 Novel plastic composite pipe prevents...

With storage capacities of around six billion cubic metres of natural gas, RAG Austria AG is the largest gas and thus energy storage company in Austria. Delivered gas is temporarily stored in depleted natural gas reservoirs. Since natural gas absorbs moisture in the reservoir, it is dried and cleaned after extraction.

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En esta sección encontrará toda la información necesaria sobre el suministro de gas y de agua, drenaje de aguas residuales y desalinización. Los materiales PE, PP y PVDF también se utilizan en el ámbito industrial, así como en la industria farmacológica y la industria de semiconductores.


Protección de hormigón

Los revestimientos de PE, PP, PVDF y ECTFE de AGRU especialmente desarrollados ofrecen una protección duradera y pueden usarse para múltiples funciones: desde la construcción de edificios o puentes a la construcción de tanques de agua potable o vertederos, entre muchas otras.


Construcción de revestimiento y aparatos

Las placas, barras redondas y cordones de soldaduras de PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP y PFA se utilizan de manera efectiva desde hace años en la industria química, la industria pesada y en la construcción de instalaciones. Son especialmente populares en la industria farmacológica y en la industria de semiconductores.


Vertederos, túneles o estanques

¿Necesita láminas de plástico para vertederos, piscinas o túneles? Nuestros liners le ofrecerán la solución perfecta que perdurará durante generaciones. Los materiales PE-HD, PE-VLD, FPP y FPO ofrecen resultados en los ámbitos más diversos.


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